Values and Ethos

Relentless encouragement to embrace challenge and see mistakes as opportunities to learn



  • to secure the active, willing and enthusiastic engagement of children in their learning;
  • enable our pupils to develop self-confidence, pride in their achievements at school and to take responsibility for their learning;
  • to foster a range of alternative life skills in conservation, sustainability and entrepreneurship alongside their regular curriculum studies
  • to ensure inclusive principles strongly resonate throughout the school, developing respect for themselves and others;
  • to develop the whole child by providing a rounded education that with high quality learning experiences in the arts, sport and outdoor learning;
  • provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, which meets the educational, emotional and social needs of our pupils;
  • Effort
  • Self Discipline
  • Honesty


The children of Berrywood are relentlessly encouraged to embrace new challenges, and to see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve. We help our children to understand that self-esteem and meaningful relationships with others are always founded on their respectful outlook and conduct.

Members of staff are encouraged to evaluate the impact of their work through the success of their pupils. Professional learning, collaborative development, and a strong commitment to the school’s vision characterise a culture of integrity and ambition at Berrywood. Likewise, a concern for the well-being and fulfilment of members of staff is an embedded fundamental at all levels of school leadership.

Values & Ethos

Our values tell us what are important and help us to make decisions in our everyday lives.